List of Tentative Panels

1. Plenary-I: Promoting Sustainable Industrialization and Fostering Competitiveness in South Asia
2. A1: Intra-SAARC Trade Cooperation in South Asia
3. A2: Regional Cooperation for Energy Security
4. A3: Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering Women in South Asia
5. A4: Intra-regional Investment and Supply Chains in South Asia
6. A5: Regional Cooperation for Water Security
7. A6: Investment in Agriculture in South Asia and Scope for Regional Cooperation
8. Plenary-II: Securing Peace & Prosperity in South Asia
9. B1: SDGs and Post-2015 Development Agenda: Perspectives from South Asia
10. B2: Services Trade in South Asia
11. B3: Regional Cooperation on Disaster Risk Management in South Asia
12. B4: Role of Media in Regional Cooperation
13. B5: Political Economy of Transit Trade in South Asia
14. B6: Soft Diplomacy: Prospects for South Asia
15. Plenary-III: Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Corridors in South Asia